Sustainability Ethos

WaterBear is the first purpose-driven interactive streaming platform using storytelling to drive global impact. Impact is at the core of everything we do here at WaterBear from our productions, campaigns to our internal policies and it’s important to us that sustainability is embedded across the business.

For our productions our goal is to ensure we are keeping our environmental impact to a minimum and we’re aiming for all of our productions to be Albert Certified, which is a certification for the global film and TV industry to measure and reduce the environmental impacts and carbon emissions of films. Additionally we have internal sustainability policies on travel, food, office energy usage, recycling and waste minimisation.

Streaming video content online, at scale, can be incredibly energy intensive. However, we are proud to have our videos streamed through Vimeo, which uses Akamai for their content delivery. Akamai has an impressive sustainability policy and is committed to reduce emissions and use renewable energy wherever possible. We consistently strive to make technological decisions that better the planet while maintaining the ultimate user experience.

In 2022 we became a certified B Corp, attesting to our ability to “meet the highest standards or verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose”.

We will consistently strive to make decisions that better the planet.